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Record Your Screen

Being able to record your screen is extremely helpful to do presentations, tutorials, demos and other videos that require showing and explaining documents. 

To start recording your screen:

  • While in the videos library click on "Record New Video" at the top right of your screen 
            record new video
  • Turn on the your screen share and your microphone 
  • Choose the screen or tabs you want to share. You can choose a window, the entire screen, or a tab. 
         choose the screen
  • Then click on "Share" to confirm (you can cancel at anytime as well)
  • To start recording click on "Start Recording"
  • When the countdown ends start your recording 
  • During recording you can take a snap shot 
  • You can pause and resume 

         pause       play

  • if you're not satisfied you can cancel the recording and restart at anytime 
      reset settings
  • When done and satisfied click on "Stop" to stop your recording 
  • You can choose your video's production resolution 
  • You have the chance to locally download your video before saving 
  • And finally save your video!