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Issue 3 - March 2023
The Next Level Video Features 

Here's What's New with Cheers Connect

March 2023 comes with new Video Features!

1. Video Landing Pages 

Video Landing pages are the new way of presenting your video content in a page where you can brand it, design the layout you want to have and include online forms, signatures, logos and much more... 

2. Video Overlays 

Video overlay is the new functionality in videos that helps you generate more leads and increase your website traffic just by adding a text and/or a link to your video while it plays. 

Example of a Video Landing Page

Video Landing Page Example
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Video Overlay Example

Don't leave your videos plain, engage your viewers by spotlighting and highlighting interesting points using text overlay & generate more leads and interests using call to action overlays.

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business growth

The Business Growth Plan for 2023; Every Startup Business Needs for Success!

Every business is looking for promising growth plan in 2023 to jump into the next level; most specifically startups who are facing rapid changes in the economy.

In this article, the author highlights the ABC startup strategic resources and tools needed and outlines a comprehensive business growth plan focusing on: 

A- Strong Entrepreneurial Mindset 
B- Effective Marketing Strategy 
C- Effective Productivity Tools

6 Simple-Steps Guidebook to Create a Social Media Viral Video 

1. Start with a strong mindset 
2. Keep it short and concise 
3. Use emotions to your advantage
4. Make it visually appealing 
5. Use humor when possible 
6. Promote & Promote 

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